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9 Tips to Save And Earn More with Your Money

No matter what you are saving for, whether it be a home, a car, or a sense of financial security – having a goal in mind is a great way to give yourself incentive and motivation. Look after your finances, and follow these tips to save more in 2017.

  1. Create a budget

Knowing exactly what’s happening with your money will help you immensely. From how you’re spending, to how much you can afford to save, to the length to reach your saving goals – keeping track of your money with a budget is vital.

  1. Avoid using credit cards

Interest-free payment methods such as prepaid Visa cards can be a much better alternative to traditional credit cards. Although credit cards are convenient, it can also very easily lead to overspending because of the available credit. Overspending can lead debt accumulation over time. Making purchases or settling bills with a prepaid card makes it far easier to spend and save money.

  1. Request overtime

Working overtime is a great way to supplement your income effectively. Before applying for a second job, see if your current employer is willing to give you some overtime – just a few hours a week can really add to your savings. While you’re at it, ask to be paid with a prepaid payroll card program instead of traditional cheques. Prepaid payroll cards eliminate costly cheque cashing fees and long bank lines which means it can be more time and cost efficient for you. Read More “9 Tips to Save And Earn More with Your Money”

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How to Borrow Money in an Emergency

If you need to borrow money quickly, it can sometimes be hard to know where to look. Some people are able to use an overdraft or credit card but these are not options available to everybody. You may have already used these or you may not have them. This may be due to a poor credit record or because you have never needed them before. If you are in this situation, where you need money quickly and cannot use a credit card or overdraft then a short term loan could be the answer for you.


With a short term loan you get an instant decision, which means that as soon as you have completed the application you will know whether or not you can have the money. This is really useful as many other ways of borrowing can take a lot longer. If you apply to your bank, for a credit card or overdraft, for example you could wait weeks or longer to find out whether you application has been approved. Then if it has not, you will have to apply elsewhere. To find out right away means that it should not take long before you can get the money that you need and this will enable you to start arranging the loan really quickly.

A short-term loan does have its risks though, so you need to be careful. If you do not repay it on time, there will be fees, like any loan, but these can be more expensive. Therefore make sure that you will be able to manage the repayment when it is due and that you only borrow the amount that you need, rather than more. It can be tempting to get a bit extra just in case you need some more money before you are next paid, but this will mean that you will pay more interest and it could be harder for you to afford to repay it. Read More “How to Borrow Money in an Emergency”

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Guarantor Loans, Some Major Advantages Over Other Loans Types

When it comes to loans, there are a whole hosts of different types, all with different points of merit and criteria that can be fitting of many different types of people.

Here we are going to look at some of the key differences between guarantor loans, and payday & logbook loans.

With payday & logbook loans, the interest rates are usually much higher than with guarantor loans, there can be many reasons for this, ranging from, the perceived risk of lending to the demographic of a given loan, i.e are payday borrowers as likely to pay back as someone who wants a guarantor loan?

There are also other reasons for the differences in interest rates, a guarantor loan is guarantee in repayments by a third party, and this third party must have a source of income, a reasonable credit rating, and in some cases be a tenant.

In general, guarantor loans can be administered as quickly in 1 day, meaning that if a potential customer made an application, and qualified for the loan, and the guarantor was accepted, they could have the cash in their bank within 24 hours.

Guarantor Loans

This affords lenders additional security in relation to borrowing to people wanting guarantor finance.

When it comes to logbook loans, a vehicle is put forward as collateral, with vehicles being depreciating assets, they will usually only offer up to 70% LTV, meaning that if you want a loan of £7,000, then your vehicle must be worth at least £10,000 AND it must be free of any outstanding finance.

There are no such issues with guarantor loans, because the loan has someone who is prepared to make the repayments in the event that the customer finds themselves in a position where they cannot make them. So lenders are working with less risk and this can be reflected in the interest rates, passing a lot of that saving on to the customer.

Also, Guarantor loans are not as subject to a credit check as people who take out payday loans, because, again, the loan is guaranteed by someone who can afford the loan, so there are no issues around the (sometimes astronomical) interest rates charged by payday loans companies. Read More “Guarantor Loans, Some Major Advantages Over Other Loans Types”

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The time has come to reclaim your money from a mis-sold PPI

Certainly, the recent discovery of PPI mis-selling scandal has led to the realisation, too that banks and other known lenders have been robbing people of their hard earned money for far too long. PPI claims have been made all over the country and news had it that there are still potentially millions of people entitled […]

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IVA Debt Advice

How many of you guys owe someone money? I would guess that many of you would say that you do owe someone money. Or maybe not by money but of a favor because of the things that other people did for you when you where in a gloomy difficult situation. Well whatever position you guys […]

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Debt Help

Often people find themselves in financial peril and never realize that one of the easiest ways to get debt help is to refinance their homes. If you own your own home, chances are you are sitting on assets that can offer you debt help. This is one option to get out of debt, as long […]

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Debt Management Plans

Debt management plans can help you to bring your financial problems under control and help you avoid bankruptcy, or having to borrow even more money in order to pay the debt that you already have. Of course debt management plans may not be the right choice for everyone; your own individual circumstances will determine if […]

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Debt Services

When people find that they are being overwhelmed with debt, it is common for them to turn to a company or organization that offers debt services. Debt counseling services can help you overcome your financial problems faster, and with fewer problems. How Debt Management Services Can Help Debt management services can help you arrange an […]